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We are reopening June 1, 2020!


We are really looking forward to seeing you in person again! 
Book online here!

We have spent many hours ensuring that the clinic is as safe as possible as we reopen. We are following guidance from the CDC and our national and state acupuncture associations and will continue to provide the highest level of care while incorporating new protocols for cleaning and social distancing, including:

  • Hepa Filters in every room

  • Scheduling patients so there is no overlap in the waiting area

  • Adding time between clients to fully sanitize all surfaces (including door knobs and counter tops) with an EPA approved disinfectant for killing the SARS Co-V 2 Virus between sessions.  

  • Removing all linens from the treatment tables in order to fully sanitize between clients.

  • Replacing fabric chairs with vinyl and synthetic leather chairs in order to fully sanitize between clients.

We will also continue to offer Telehealth services when appropriate or requested. 

We assure you that we will not treat patients with Covid-19 or anyone with possible symptoms.  This means we will not see anyone with cold/flu symptoms in the office for now.  If you have these symptoms, first contact your doctor and get a Covid-19 test as soon as possible.  We will happily schedule a Telehealth consultation and provide appropriate herbs for your condition. 

We are currently only offering Acupuncture sessions in person at the clinic.  Ayurvedic body therapies are under the guidance of the California Massage Board. Massage therapists are not allowed to reopen their practices according to both the California Massage Board, as well as Governor Newsom’s shelter-in-place order. We will let you know when these services become available again. Ayurvedic consultations as well as Chinese medicine consultations will continue to be available through our Telehealth platform and are bookable online.


Here is what you can expect when you arrive at the clinic:

  1. You will be asked to wait outside of the building in your car or in a safely distanced location nearby until your treatment room is ready for you. Please text your practitioner to let them know you have arrived. 

  2. As soon as we are ready for you, you will receive a text or a phone call to prompt you to come to our suite.  At this time, your practitioner may do much of your intake questions on the phone while safely at a distance before asking you to proceed to the clinic suite.

  3. Please wear a mask the entire time you are in the clinic, even when face down on the treatment table.  We will be wearing ours, with a big smile behind it!

  4. Upon arriving at our suite, you will wait outside the suite door and your practitioner will greet you to go through our screening procedures.  You will first be asked to sanitize your hands (we will provide this for you).  We will then ask you a series of questions regarding common Covid-19 symptoms, check your temperature, and check your blood oxygen level with a pulse oximeter.  

  5. After you’ve passed the screening, you will be escorted directly to your treatment room where you will go directly to the treatment table for your session.

  6. We will not be providing water during this time. Please bring a water bottle to your appointment if you will need to have access to water while you are in our clinic. 

We look forward to seeing you again soon.  Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

In health,

Jessie Holland and Michelle Warner

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