Abhyanga - Warm Oil Body Therapy
​80 Minutes - $160

A whole body warm oil treatment designed to nourish every cell and deeply relax muscles. An ancient technique that stimulates the release of toxins, harmonizing energy flow throughout the entire body. A luxurious and rejuvenating full body massage.


Marma Point Body Therapy
​80 min - $160

Marma Points are areas of concentrated life force energy. Proper stimulation of these points with essential oil application and the light touch of pranic healing combine to balance the flow of energy through the muscles, joints and organs of the body.



​50 min - $125

An ancient treatment for specific areas of the body utilizing a raised circle of dough that contains medicated herbal oils within its center unique for each person and each condition.


Kati Basti (back pain): Warm medicated oil is pooled over the low back. An excellent treatment for low back pain.

Netra Basti (eye rejuvenation therapy): Warm ghee is used to cleanse and nourish the eye tissue. This is a wonderful treatment for eyes that strain easily, and for those with headaches due to excessive reading and computer use.

Uro Basti (Heart strength): Warm milk, ghee, and rose petals are pooled over the heart center. This treatment strengthens and nourishes the physical and emotional heart center.

Vishuddha Basti (thyroid treatment): Specific for any conditions of the thyroid and throat chakra.

Chakra Basti: This treatment can be performed for each chakra. Each chakra manages particular physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual processes. The chakra bastis nourish and strengthen these functions. More information on chakras can be requested.

Adrenal Basti: A dough dam is created across the back above the adrenal glands. This treatment nourishes kidneys and adrenals, supporting balanced energy levels in the body.


​50 min - $125

A gentle stream of warm oil is poured over the Ajna Chakra, or third eye, quieting and stabilizing the activity of the mind. A powerful experience leading the receiver on a journey.


Bliss Therapy
​110 min - $235 w/o Svedana
130 min - $260 w/ Svedana (herbal sweat)

Combine abhyanga and shirodhara treatments, listed above. Finish with a traditional herbal steam in a sweat box. Ayurvedic herbs are used to draw the nourishing oils deeper into the body, healing from within.


Ayurvedic Facial
75 min - $130

The Ayurvedic Facial not only leaves your face cleansed and moisturized, it brings you to a state of deep relaxation and peace, so that you naturally shine from the inside out. This treatment provides a soothing and exfoliating massage that nurtures the skin tissue and activates its natural cleansing and rejuvenating processes. Special marma points on the face and scalp are addressed to calm the activity of the mind, creating a state of peace and tranquility. The finest and purest preservative-free skin care products are used to leave your senses smiling and your skin glowing!


50 min - $125

This treatment begins with a facial massage and specific heat therapies for the forehead and face. It is followed by nasal administration of specific herbal oils to clean and purify the sinuses. Nasya is used classically for allergies, snoring, sinusitis, tinnitus, sleep apnea and headaches. It is a valuable aid for increasing mental focus.


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