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Pancha Karma - The Ayurvedic Cleanse

Pancha karma literally translates as five actions. These five actions are the means by which toxins are released from the body and mind in order to achieve optimal health. The Ayurvedic approach to cleansing is much different than that of the west. This is a gentle and thorough approach, and to do it properly, one needs to commit themselves to the process, by ideally taking off from work, and only focusing on the cleanse.


Because people are so busy these days, Jessie offers a variety of pancha karma packages designed specifically for to meet the individual’s needs. A cleanse can last anywhere from 3 days to a full month. Of course, the most benefit will come from a full cleanse, but mini cleanses will help keep the system on the toxin –free side of things, and healthier to combat outside stressors.


Please contact Jessie  if you are interested in scheduling and discussing a Pancha Karma.  

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