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1. ONLY VACCINATED people can attend class In Person. Please bring a copy of your vaccination card or send me a picture of it via email before class.

2. Class will also be streamed online.  Follow the same registration process as usual. And, if you have trouble, send me an email before class so I can help get you online. (

3. Please do not attend class in person if you have any known exposures to Covid and/or if you have a fever or any Covid symptoms (even if it is a cold or flu).

4. IN PERSON class size will be limited to 10 people.  If you want to reserve your spot, you can register online early (and please send me a quick note letting me know that you plan to attend in person).

5. MASKS REQUIRED.  Masks must be worn properly (covering nose and mouth) in the studio at all times.

6. Air filtration: There are filters in the studio placed for maximum filtration. They will remain on throughout class. I also plan to keep the windows and doors open.  Since tomorrow will be lower in temperature, please wear layers so you are warm enough for class. The floor is heated, but with ventilation, it will likely be quite chilly. (NOTE:  I have been assured by JinSung that with the filters and the built in ventilator, doors do not need to be left open, but I plan to start off overly safe and scale back if we all feel comfortable).

7.  Hand sanitizer:  There is hand sanitizer in multiple locations in the studio.  Upon arriving, please sanitize your hands. This way when using props, we will have clean hands.

8. Props: All props will be provided at the studio. However, if you feel more comfortable bringing your own props, please do.

9. Registration:  I plan to keep my bookkeeping streamlined by using the online studio I've been using throughout the pandemic as the registration portal for in person classes as well. IF you already have an account on namastream for the online classes, just register the same way.  If you don't and it doesn't make sense, please email me or just show up and I'll help you at the studio.


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